somethinksounds is the brainchild slash record label of Andy Lemay and Kazim Kazim Kazim. Only in their second year they have already kicked up a huge storm across Europe and the U.S.

They have built strong associations and collaborations with brilliant artists including Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, Crazy P, PBR Streetgang, Maxxi Soundsystem, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on and on.

They are firm favorites of digital and print magazines including Dazed and Confused, FACT Magazine, i-D Online and Xlr8.

Their artists deliver superb, rich, unique sounds that know how to get inside your mind. The sounds provoke deep thoughts and feelings, they have a richness, a strength that you can’t quantify, but you feel very closely. Think Eliphino, think multi-instrumentalist Lucky Paul. In short the artists and their releases are highly reflective of the somethinksounds ethos.

Take your eyes off this gang and you will miss a lot.


what we did

We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside hugely talented designer Julia Patrick and discussing what would be best to get users what they want and clearly.

The Content Management System of choice here is WordPress. No not out of the box, it has it’s own hand-crafted theme built in-house and a highly customised clear backend making it easy to manage the site.

The customised back-end makes it really easy for Kazim and Andy to quickly and easily:

  • – Add new releases
  • – Showcase their artists
  • – Promote up and coming events
  • – Allow fans, artists, DJs and promoters to sign-up to hear about important news

Having a channel of communication for the somethinksounds audience to broadcast more generic items was also a must. For example, when they decided to giveaway a remix by Lucky Paul in respect to soul legend Etta James passing away, it was easy for them to make this download available by creating a custom menu item dedicated to news.

Social media integration is important in the constantly changing landscape of music. The social channels are therefore clearly but subtly marked so users feel connected no matter where they are on the site.

Clearly defined custom fields in the WordPress back-end for SoundCloud integration mean consistency across the site is easy without having to manually embed confusing HTML code.

The user then instantly sees SoundCloud’s brilliant HTML5 player embeded within the release, in the correct colour scheme for the site.